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Invest in Africa's entrepreneurs

Many young people in Africa have innovative ideas on "green growth" but do not have proper access to capital to convert them into business opportunities that create jobs so that young people like to stay in their homeland.

Be the change you want to see in this world. Fight climate change, create more equality and earn money with your investment.

Watch the video and see how we can make this world a place where people connect, listen and learn from each other:

bellefin - green impact investments for Africa's young entrepreneurs and startups.

Participate in Africa's growing and innovative markets.

Get acquainted with the entrepreneurs and startups looking for investments or credits.

You can give a loan or become an investor in one of the startups.

You can start with as little as € 100 as a loan or invest in one of our future innovation funds or crowdfunding campaigns.

Keep connected with video and blog updates of the startups & entrepreneurs.

You can follow your investement and exchange messages with the startups & entrepreneurs throughout our mobile-enabled platform.

With your investement you get real insights of what's possible in Africa today beyond the old cliché of a "lost continent".

See how African startups & entrepreneurs tackle some of the biggest challenges in their home countries and globally.
Become active in shaping our common African and European future. It's easy, it's fun, start now!

Become an active part of the solution

How you benefit from bellefin's solutions

Reduce migration pressure, fight climate change and earn money with one single solution.

Find out more...

What we do.

Collecting data on site

First we get in contact with potential African partners, startups and entrepreneurs on site starting and learn about their needs and plans. 

Project partners

When we have gotten in contact with initially interested partners in Sub-Saharan countries we will produce short video documentaries that feature the projects and which additional resources e.g. investments, credits, market access, contacts are needed to succesfully advance the projects.

Featured on

The projects with all media and information will be featured on to attract investors, creditors and partners in Europe.

5,875 billion Euros money assets

According to the latest figures of German Bundesbank money assets of private households in Germany alone hit the record level of 5,875 billion euros in 2018.
But the total return (incl. shares) that an average private German household minus inflation achieved in 2018 was minus 0.8% for the first time in 6 years. 
bellefin aims to empower millions of these individual savers in Europe to become direct impact investors in Africa to yield a competitive return and contribute to the mutual welfare of people on both continents.